Menus & Services

Serving Our Community

NMS provides our facilities with a Quarterly Packet that has been reviewed carefully, updated & prepared by our Registered Dietitians. Quarterly Packets include: An Update Letter, Pertinent Industry Information, New & Updated Recipes, Holiday Menus & Spreadsheets, Weekly Posting Menus & Spreadsheets, Menu Nutrient Analysis,  and Weekly Grocery & Meat Buying Guides.

Facility dietary materials available at your fingertips! At NMS we are striving to make this process effortless. Our goal is to progress towards digital & hard-copy content that is current with emerging technological trends. Benefits to our clients include: uncomplicated recipes, reduced food waste, vegan & vegetarian options, paper-reduction, web & email transactions, a commitment to faster, easier communication, & fabulous HD images. 

Serving Diversity

NMS caters to each individual facility’s needs. Hence, we also provide: Ethnic Menus, In-Services, Modifiable Posting Menus, and Specialized Policies.